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Ever wish your event could be featured in an ACTIVE.com article? We’re now accepting nominations from customer events for several event showcases planned for early fall. Read our blog article below for details. And how about getting your own personal project manager? In this month’s issue, we’d like to introduce you to RaceHQ: a first-of-its-kind project management tool for event directors! Plus, we’ve got a great story about Phil Lang’s work with youth running programs, some product tips, and more. Enjoy!

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Race Director Blog
Free ACTIVE.com Promotions for Customers: Upcoming Summer/Fall Categories

A few weeks ago, we announced a new free promotional program for our customers on ACTIVE.com. Throughout the year, we highlight different event categories in articles on our site (for example: 13 Scenic Century Rides or 9 Unique Triathlons Across the Country). We want to offer our customers the opportunity to be featured in articles during these promotions, so we started a self-nomination program. If your event is featured, you’ll get lots of free exposure to participants…Read the full article

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Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks
More Help Options in ACTIVE Works

If you prefer to watch versus read tips and how-tos, you’re in luck. The Help Center now includes a video section! You can find a link to the Help Video section at the bottom of the Help Center’s homepage. Simply click to link:

Help Video

Plus, if you look at the right navigation bar of the Help Center homepage, you’ll notice that we’ve also added some handy Quick Links. You can now get quicker access to the Live Training Calendar and Recorded Webinars. And if you want instant help, you can click on the new Live Chat button to be virtually connected to one of our ACTIVE Works experts:

Quick Links

Watch more short instructional videos and get more tips and tricks in the Help Center.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of ACTIVE Works, register here for live product training (it’s free!).

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Phil Lang
Phil Lang

Event Director of the Month
Phil Lang: Bullseye Running, Howard County Junior Striders

Phil Lang manages the Howard County Junior Striders, a K-8th grade running club. He’s been involved with this youth program in one way or another for 10 years, becoming the full-time director in 2008. He’s also the founder of Bullseye Running, which organizes and manages 20+ adult races per year.

Phil has made a huge impact on his community in a short time. Nearly 500 kids participated in the youth programs in the last 12 months, 175 high school and college-aged kids participated in a running program created specifically for them, and a few thousand adults joined in the local community events held during the year. Plus, Phil has coached high school cross country for 18 years and is an avid runner himself.

How did you get your start as both a running coach and event director?
I’d been involved with the Howard County Striders running club for a long time, first as a runner, then a member, board member, and finally as the president. During my tenure, I got really involved with the youth program, Howard County Junior Striders. The youth program grew and grew, and about four years ago it became clear that the program needed more than part-time volunteer attention. I was working at a bank, which ended up going out of business around this same time due to the financial crisis. So instead of looking for a new job at another bank, I asked the Striders if there were interested in having someone involved full time with the youth running programs.

They were indeed interested and we came up with a plan. The agreement was that I would create a company (Bullseye Running) to organize and manage the youth programs for the Striders. I would have the financial responsibility to keep the programs solvent and whatever was left over would be my salary. It ended up not being quite enough to live off of, so I decided to begin organizing my own events and race management team to supplement my income.

How did you become involved with ACTIVE Network?
I first got involved with ACTIVE when I started managing the adult races. I list 20+ races on ACTIVE.com, 4-5 are my own events and 15-20 are other people’s events that I manage for them.

Has such a big career change paid off?
It’s been a little crazy with how things have evolved over the past four years—I would have never guessed coaching runners and organizing races would be my full-time job. Bullseye Running has been going really well. A large part of it is because I’ve been involved with the running club for 20 years, so everyone knows who I am. I don’t know if I could have the same success in another city so quickly.

And I haven’t given up on running personally. I just ran the Peachtree Road Race 10K on the 4th of July, which attracts 60,000 participants. As much as I like to compete, I also like to see other people be successful in this sport and I’ve always loved coaching youths.

What kind of marketing do you do to promote Bullseye Running?
I’m still trying to figure out what’s the most successful marketing tactic. I’ve tried different things, from social media to past participant email blasts to flyers at local running stores and businesses. Each channel contributes a bit to registration numbers.

I do email participants from past events through ACTIVE all the time and find that to be an awesome marketing tool.

You’ve been involved in the sport of running for a long time. What changes have you seen over the years?
The sport of running has seen a huge shift from competition to participation. I think our country’s health issues have really encouraged people to become more active, plus you have TV shows like The Biggest Loser and The Amazing Race that are inspiring people. But the odd thing is that it’s mostly a culture shift for adults. I find the youth are not quite having the same experience and opportunity. To some extent I think that parents are afraid to let kids go outside as much because it can be dangerous out there, but it’s also because kids are fascinated by technology. Technology is making kids sedentary.

The good news is that adults are starting to move and be more active, they’re pulling their kids along with them. But it’s more of a participation mode than a competitive mode. Mob™ events like The Color Run™ are becoming a social group activity. It’s like going to a baseball game—the whole family can go and it will be fun. Anyone can participate; you don’t have to be a runner. I appreciate that because our country needs to move and these types of events are what attract the whole family. Almost all of my events are family oriented and include special opportunities for the kids.

What is one of the best things you’ve learned over the years?
One of the things that has helped me tremendously is making sure that the kids are having fun while they’re there. A lot of youth sports are set up with competition as the main focus versus teaching fundamentals or fitness. We do offer the highest level of competition in our youth programs, but we don’t require kids to compete. I do encourage it, but our main focus is to provide an opportunity for all levels of kids to go out there, have fun, and be part of a team. We break them into groups based on age, ability, and interest level. That keeps everyone progressing and happy.

I organize all of the adult races on the weekends to make sure I can stay dedicated full time to the youth programs. It’s been a blessing to have the opportunity to work with kids.

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Active RaceHQ Logo

What’s new
RaceHQ™ partners with ACTIVE to provide project management tools

Remember that hyper-detailed Excel sheet and those piles of Post-It Notes you use to stay organized? Those will soon be a thing of the past with RaceHQ, the first-of-its-kind project management tool for event directors!

Developed specifically for participatory events, RaceHQ is a project management, collaboration, and task management tool whose features help organizers operate more efficiently and execute events within budget. You can control your events online using any device, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Here are some of the top features we think you’ll love:

  • Race templates with milestones and tasks built in and ready to go
  • Calendar integrations that allow organizers to sync their RaceHQ tasks and milestones with external calendar apps (including iCalendar, Google, and iPhone calendars).
  • Personalized interface where organizers can create a unique URL login, change dashboard colors, and upload race logos for a custom feel
  • Advanced permissions allow race directors to control access by section and by user and/or race crew member

ACTIVE is really excited to be partnered with RaceHQ because we see a huge need in the industry for a tool like this. Plus, it’s a logical pairing with our online registration and race management software. Our future plans include creating integrations between our two platforms so that event directors get a one-stop-shop package.

Learn more about RaceHQ

Try it for 14 days for free! Start your trial by September 15, 2013, and mention you’re an ACTIVE customer to save 25% on an annual subscription for any plan, should you choose to subscribe.

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Michael Libman

Team Member Spotlight:
Michael Libman, Account Executive

As an account executive for endurance sports at ACTIVE, I work with event directors and race committees to expand participation, streamline processes, and connect with participants in meaningful ways. For my clients, the ultimate goal is to create memorable events that people want to attend year after year, and I enjoy helping them find ways to achieve that.

Because we believe in connecting people with the things they love to do, we support the people who make those events possible.

My ACTIVE is surfing, sailing, fishing, hiking, swimming, and triathlon.

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